Status: 11/24/2021

Requirements for your visit:


Access is only granted to those who can present digital proof of recovery or full vaccination AND a daily antigen rapid test (free citizen test) or a PCR test no older than 48 hours; very much in an app or as a PDF on the mobile phone or as a paper printout. According to the Corona Protection Ordinance, we are not allowed to accept other evidence, such as vaccination certificates or other medical certificates and antigen self-tests.


- A medical mask must be worn away from your own seat


- Your contact details are recorded via ticket sales

- For the benefit of all guests and participants, we expect you to find out about the current recommendations and regulations of the state or federal government and, of course, to comply with them

Information on measures and devices of our hygiene concept:


- Operation of highly efficient HEPA air filter systems in the theater and in the catering in the foyer, which completely cleans the air at least every 10 minutes and thus frees almost all viruses, bacteria and other contamination


-Completion of the HEPA aerosol filter system in the auditorium through the existing air conditioning system

- Installation of a powerful exhaust system that changes all of the air in the auditorium and on the stage within a few minutes


- Installation of a hand disinfection dispenser in the entrance area and use of virucidal soap in the sanitary rooms, disinfection dispensers for toilet seats and use of disposable towels  

- All guest dishes are machine-cleaned at 70 degrees Celsius

- constant disinfection of all guest areas

- Extension of the show break in order to implement more effective ventilation in the theater area


- regular consultation with our theater doctorDr. med. Roland Kramer