We are pleased to finally be able to open our theater again for you after the long pandemic-related break. We have invested a lot of time and money in our safety and hygiene concept in order to give you a carefree show experience. We have taken the following measures for you:


- Reduction of the number of seats on sale in the auditorium in order to optimally free space between each booking


- Installation of a HEPA aerosol filter system in the auditorium, which completely cleans the air every 10 minutes and thus frees almost all viruses, bacteria and other contamination


- Completion of the HEPA aerosol filter system with existing air conditioning and exhaust air systems


- Reduction of the effect fog used in the show


- Installation of distance markings on the stage and non-use of the first row in the auditorium


- Consistent mask requirement while standing and walking, e.g. to the table, to the seat in the auditorium or to the sanitary rooms; We also recommend wearing a mouth and nose covering during the show


- Installation of a hand disinfectant dispenser in the entrance area and use of virucidal soap in the sanitary rooms, disinfectant dispensers for toilet seats and use of disposable towels


- Increased distance and reduced number of tables in the foyer and bar area


- All guest dishes are machine-cleaned at 70 degrees


- no use of tap water for making coffee or tea


- constant disinfection of all guest areas


- Regular consultation with our theater doctor Dr. Roland Krämer



We look forward to welcoming you soon. Status of this information: 09.09.2020

Weserstraße 211 near Hermannplatz

12047 Berlin-Neukölln

Mail: info@tikberlin.de

Tickets: 030/479 974 77