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The theater in the basement was founded on January 3, 1987 and is open to its guests at over 100 performances annually. Although the name may suggest, the theater is not in a basement, but on level ground. In the first years of game operation but actually took place in a cellar vault. Due to the constantly growing demand, Michael Brenncke, director since 1987, decided to move into the rooms of a former shop. In the meantime, the Travestietheater has become a cabaret in Berlin's trendy "Reuterkiez" district, well known far beyond the national borders. First and foremost, this is where shows of the genre Travestie are produced and performed, as this is exactly what the theater in the basement is known for. Since 2009, the theater in the foyer has a contemporary bar and break area. Here, guests are served only the best for their well-being: from well-kept beer to delicious cocktail and coffee specialties to delicious dishes from the Spanish cuisine. An overview of events from recent years can be found in our chronicle.


The team of the theater